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Trust us to cater your small party or large groups up to 250 people or more. Choose from a variety of smoked barbeque items for your event such as beef brisket, beef ribs, southwestern jerk chicken, pulled pork, spare ribs and more! Select from our selection of side dishes and dessert items.

Catering events of all sizes

Bring Our Smoked Barbeque to Your Next Event

When you're planning a party, company event or family gathering, call Coop's West Texas BBQ for all your catering needs. We've been supplying customers and companies with outstanding service and authentic southern-style food since 2010. Our customer service is second-to-none because we are a locally and family-owned business.

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For more information on our catering services or to place an order for pickup, give us a call at

We can provide on-site catering services or deliver our mouthwatering food to your location. We also offer pickup services — call us for details or to make arrangements.

On-site or delivery service

Meat Choices: Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pork Spareribs, Homemade Texas Sausage, Southwestern Jerk Chicken, Beef Ribs, Hot Links, and Pork Rib Tips.


Side Choices: Mac n Cheese, Red Beans & Rice, Collard Greens, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, and Candied Yams.


Bread Choices: Dinner Rolls, Cornbread, and Burger Buns

25-person minimum for per person packages.

Lonestar Package  $14.99/person

One meat choice/ 2 side choices/Dinner rolls

*Add sides and choice of cornbread yield additional charges


Wild Wild West Package $16.99/person

2 Meat choices/2 side choices/Dinner Rolls

*Add side(s) and choice of Cornbread yield extra charges


Pitmaster Deluxe Package $18.99/person

3 Meat choices, 2 Side Choices and Dinner rolls

*Add Meats, Side(s) and Choice of cornbread yield extra charges

Types of Services

Pick up

We can arrange your order and have it ready at a time that is convenient for you!

15% Gratuity added  to food cost and beverages on orders $300 and over



We can arrange your order, and bring it to you/minimum order amount $300.00. Mileages is added; calculated from restaurant to location; minimum starts at 5 miles. Mileage  is priced $25-$100 depending on distance from the restaurant.


Full Onsite Service


We bring our trained Catering Staff, set up the buffet line, and serve your guests for 2 hours!


Please Note: Additional fees do apply for on-site smoking and full service, please call for details. All BBQ Onsite Catering events are subject to availability and booked on first-come-first-serve basis. Gratuity is added to all orders over $300. Additional fees may apply upon specific requests. You can make any changes to your order and provide us with your final count up to 3 days prior to your event date. 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking and finalizing catering order.

Catering service

* for catering ONLY

Catering Request Form




Small Boy Sandwich $8

weighs about 8 oz., comes with a small side dish.

Comes on Fresh Brioche Bun. Sauce served on the side, pickles and onions upon request!

Small Boy Beef Brisket

Small Boy Pulled Pork

Small Boy Southwestern Jerk Chicken

Small Boy Hot Links

Small Boy Homemade Texas Sausage (weekends only)



Big Boy Sandwich $11

weighs about 12 oz., comes with a small side

Served on Fresh Brioche Bun. Sauce served on the side, pickles and onions upon request!


Big Boy Beef Brisket

Big Boy Pulled Pork

Big Boy Southwestern Jerk Chicken

Big Boy Pork Spareribs (*served with sliced white bread)

Big Boy Pork Rib Tips (*served with sliced white bread)

Big Boy Hot Links

Big Boy Homemade Texas Sausage (weekends only)



Small Plate $12

Comes with one choice of meat (6 oz.), 2 small sides (4 oz. each), and (1) white bread

Choose One: Pulled Pork, Southwestern Jerk Chicken, Hot Links, Homemade Texas Sausage*, Pork Rib Tips, or Beef Brisket (+$1)


Large Plate $17

Comes with 1-2 meat choices (6 oz. ea.), 2 small sides (6 oz. each), and (1) Cornbread

Choose 1-2 Meat Choices: Pulled Pork, Southwestern Jerk Chicken, Beef Brisket (+$1), Pork Spareribs, Hot Links, Homemade Texas Sausage*, Pork Rib Tips.




Large Brisket Plate $20

Comes with 12 ounces of Beef Brisket, 2 small sides (6 oz. each), and (1) Cornbread


Large Pork Rib Plate $17

Comes with 3 Pork Spareribs, 2 small sides (6 oz. each), and (1) Cornbread


Kit n’ Kaboodle $35

Choose (4) different Meat Choices (about 2 lbs. of meat), 2 medium sides choices, and 2 slices of cornbread

No doubling!

Feeds 3 ppl.



½ Pork Slab $24

Comes with 6 bones and 2 Medium Sides


Full Slab Pork $35

Comes with 12 bones and 2 Large Sides


1/2 Beef Slab $25

Comes with 4 bones and 2 Medium Sides


Full Slab Beef $36

Comes with 7 bones and 2 Large Sides



Spuds n’ Que $10

Large Baked Potato Stuffed with one choice of:

-Pulled Pork

-Jerk Chicken

-Beef Brisket

Topped with Butter, Sour Cream and Cheese!


Extra Butter $0.50

Extra Sour Cream $0.50

Extra Cheese $0.50



Sweet Potato Pie

Buttermilk Pie

$4.50 per slice

$17 whole pie

*slices of pie are ¼ of a pie!

*whole pies are 9in round



Peach Cobbler

Regular 8 oz. serving / $4.50

Large 16 oz. serving/ $8

X-Large 32 oz. serving / $15



Sweet Tea $2

Pepsi Products $2

Bottled Water $2



Extra BBQ Sauce

EXTRA 2 oz.  SAUCE- $0.50

EXTRA 6 oz. SAUCE- $2

Gallon- $35.00



+ Add Butter, Sour Cream, and Cheese $1.25









*Food item availability may vary depending on the day and time.

*One pound of meat typically feeds 2 people.

* Recommendation for Ribs (Beef or Pork, 2 per person)

Pork Spareribs (½Pound - $9 / Pound - $15 / ½ Slab - $19 / Full Slab - $31)

Beef Brisket (½Pound - $10/ Pound - $19)

Pulled Pork (½Pound - $8 / Pound - $14)

Southwestern Jerk Chicken (½Pound - $8 / Pound - $14)

Rib Tips (½Pound - $8 / Pound - $14)

Hot Links (½Pound - $8 / Pound - $15)

Homemade Texas Sausage (½Pound - $10 / Pound - $19)

Beef Ribs (½Pound - $7 / Pound - $13 / ½ Slab - $20 / Full Slab - $32)


Notes: (1)Hot Link $3



Small: $3, Medium: $5 Large: $8 XLG $15

Red Beans & Rice

Mac n Cheese

Baked Beans

Candied Yams (Sunday’s Only)

Potato Salad

Collard Greens

Cole Slaw


Cornbread $1.50/slice

Burger Bun $1/ea.

White Bread $0.25/slice